Coming back

So, it has been a really really REALLY long time since I’ve written a blog post.

I’ve tweeted, commented, Facebooked and been active in the meat world for things I’ve cared about.

I have progressed a great deal in my commitment, education and practice of photography.  Again, in the areas I feel passionately about.

I’ve committed time, money and energy to things that I feel are important and tried to give back to people who have given me so much.

I don’t feel I’ve been idle, but I feel like I should be writing more.  So, I’m going to do that.  Not cover the intervening time, that would be a fools errand.  I’m just going to get back to posting.  Maybe long, maybe short.   Maybe about Atheism, Skepticism, Photography or family and friends at any given time.

I reaffirmed my “out” Atheist status again,

Lacking belief in fairy-tales is, hopefully, the least interesting thing about me.

I hope to make this true.