Double Trouble 080808: Morris and Ballantine Blitz Amazon

 Double Trouble
Here comes another marketing blitz from the Podosphere.  Tee Morris, author of the Morevi series, Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword, Podcasting for Dummies, etc… and Phillipa “Pip” Ballantine, author of “Chasing the Bard”, are ganging up on Amazon.

With new books being released at the same time, the two authors felt they could have some synergy by promoting them together.

I haven’t read either of the new books, but I have read all of Tee’s fiction and Chasing the Bard.  These are excellent author’s with great storytelling abilities.

If “The Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant” is half as good as “The Case of the Singing Sword”, you might find that you’re always thinking Dwarf! when you’re on the hunt for a hard-boiled pulp detective.

Chasing the Bard” was a delightful fantasy woven into the real life story of William Shakespeare.  Pip got the details right on the part we know, maybe she got the fairy bit right too?

These are two authors who have established themselves with their writing, on 08-08-08 you can help establish them in the market by buying their new books on Amazon.