By the numbers

Last night while stretching before Karate, the conversation turned to the situation in Iraq (as it often does). I made the gruesome, and probably tasteless, joke that at least the travesty we’ve created there can’t go on forever. Since the civil war, our actions and the ramifications to health and welfare will decimate the population to the point where there’s no one left to fight. To this a friend, more knowledgeable and cynical than I, replied, “How do you know that the birthrate is below the death rate?” I don’t.

Today, I read the following headline, “US-led forces killed 32 suspected militants in a raid on the Sadr City district of eastern Baghdad, the US military said today.” Thirty two dead on suspicion.?  Why is it that we don’t react to this? Apparently, 9 civilians were also killed, although it may not have been important enough to distinguish if they were part of the 32 or additional.

I don’t remove myself from the callous crowd, I feel like I’m just as bad. I’m just popping my head up to look around.