Dr Gonzalez cancer regimen doesn't work. Immediate action could save lives.

Recently, the results of a trial for an alternative to standard chemotherapy treatment for Pancreatic Cancer were published.  The alternative is enzyme treatment therapy, sometimes referred to as The Gonzalez Regimen.

“At enrollment, the treatment groups had no statistically significant differences in patient characteristics, pathology, quality of life, or clinically meaningful laboratory values. Kaplan-Meier analysis found a 9.7-month difference in median survival between the chemotherapy group (median survival, 14 months) and enzyme treatment groups (median survival, 4.3 months) and found an adjusted-mortality hazard ratio of the enzyme group compared with the chemotherapy group of 6.96 (P < .001). At 1 year, 56% of chemotherapy-group patients were alive, and 16% of enzyme-therapy patients were alive. The quality of life ratings were better in the chemotherapy group than in the enzyme-treated group (P < .01).”


Just to emphasize the study showed that on average patients were likely to lose 10 months of their lives and have a lower quality of life on the alternative treatment.

A severe indictment of a particular alternative to conventional Chemotherapy. I think the real question is why Dr Gonzalez who is at the forefront of this alternative treatment is not being shut down in a very public way, immediately.

Not only that, but the National Cancer Institute has not modified its pages to
reflect the results of the study.  People are dying earlier and with a much worse
quality of life because of this.


Here is Dr Gonzalez’s web site:

Not surprisingly, there is no mention of the study.

“Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez has been investigating nutritional approaches to cancer and other degenerative diseases since 1981, and has been in practice in New York since 1987. Dr. Linda Isaacs has been working with Dr. Gonzalez in his research and practice since 1985. In our office we use individualized aggressive nutritional protocols to work with many types of cancer, and with other illnesses such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue.”


“The proteolytic enzymes we use were developed by us specifically for use in this program and are not commercially available in pharmacies, health food stores, on the Internet, or through multi-level health promotion plans.

Overall, cancer patients will consume 130-175 capsules a day, including nutrients as well as enzymes. Non-cancer patients might consume in the range of 80-100 capsules a day, the exact number depending on their health status and medical problems.”

I’ll bet all those pills are not covered by insurance and are VERY expensive.


Each year in the United States, about 42,470 individuals are diagnosed with this condition and 35,240 die from the disease.

Hopefully, very few of them are following Dr Gonzalez’s sage advice.

For a much more learned treatment of this subject please consult the wonderful Science Based Medicine blog , Dr. Steven Novella’s Neurologica Blog and Quackwatch