By now, you’ve probably read many reviews of Watchmen if you’re interested.

I still feel the need to, briefly, put my thoughts out there.

First, I thought it was an excellent movie.  A loving rendering of Alan Moore’s graphic novel to the big screen.

That casting was spot on, the emotional content was very, very close and it was visually stunning.

It managed to carry with it the thing that makes the graphic novel such a classic piece of science fiction literature.  It tells a complete compelling story with complex characters and while all your questions about plot are answered, you are left with all the real questions to answer on your own.  Questions about the nature of humanity, life and morality.  That is what made the novel one to read over and over.

I will be watching this movie again, as well.


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  1. I seriously feel better after reading this, I have heard so much ‘bad’ about the film, but I was so excited about it! Thanks for making me feel better!

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