Bibles for teachers?

A religious group bent on religion being taught in school science classes has provided a thousand bibles to be distributed at the National Education Association convention next week.

A spokesman for the Creation Science Education Caucus makes no bones about their mission, “To be clear, the NEA Science Educator’s Caucus purpose is to reach individual teachers with the creation/gospel message”. Whether they publicly claim to want to change curriculum, or not, that is clearly their mission.

It turns my stomach to hear the phrase “Creation Science”, since it is decidedly not. Clearly, I’m not the only one.

It isn’t just any bible that is being distributed, it is the Charles Darwin Bible.  A bible that is specifically targeted at Atheists and has additional references propagandizing religious creationism.

Why should I be surprised that the religious continue to target the young and the education system? This is where they’ve always preyed, as it is fertile ground for sowing the seeds of credulity.