Dust off that ghost!

This is a pretty quick post, since it doesn’t seem to require much. Check out the video in this article from NBC11 in San Francisco.

I guess this kind of thing fills up space on the evening news when there can’t possibly be anything important to report on. I mean what with the war in Iraq over, ignorance finally conquered and the presidential election resolved.

Anyway, some nice lady who can’t seem to take pictures without the flash lighting up the dust in the air and IT’s NEWS???? How credulous do you have to be to buy into this stuff?

Not only is it pretty easily explained, but they don’t even ask for her to reproduce the effect. The reporters don’t even talk to anyone who might have a better explanation. Really, really sad.

It gets even better. Following the link to the nutty lady’s website http://www.irmaslage.com , might lead one to think this was more about publicity than human interest.  Irma Slage is a psychic, author and lecturer to the gullible.  Seems she’s not just a charming lady with an odd habit of taking really bad pictures.

“Don’t tell fish stories where the people know you; but particularly, don’t tell them where they know the fish.

— Mark Twain