Buffy Somers leading girls away from Western Religion?

According to a recent study by Dr. Kristin Aune the character Buffy Somers from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is leading young girls away from traditional Western Religion.

The study, published in the book Women and Religion in the West, says that young women are taking a greater interest in Wicca and other Pagan religions.   To the extent that 50,000 young women have abandoned Western religion to study paganism.

Why are young girls so influenced by a TV series?  According to the author, “Because of its focus on female empowerment”.

So, after watching a role model that is smart, tough and empowered in a world that constantly throws road-blocks in her way, young girls are no longer content to follow the misogynistic ways of western religion.   Religious practices which tell you whatever you accomplish is due to a long-deceased guy from the desert and not your own abilities?   Go figure.

Young girls can learn a lot through the trials and tribulations of young Buffy Somers.  My most excellent daughter mainlined Buffy for years and she’s awesome.  As for Paganism?  I haven’t seen any pagan suicide bombers or pagans picketing soldier funerals lately.

I read this article and my first thought was, “How cool is that?” Buffy’s not even airing anymore and it’s still rocking the world.  AWESOME!