Pendulum – Kinetics Dance Theatre 

Saturday evening, November 7th, 2015, Kinetics Dance Theatre’s professional company had their Fall show at Slayton House in Columbia, Maryland. KDT’s choreography is always inventive and expressive creating many interesting photographic opportunities.

I really love shooting these dance performances. They are some of my most challenging assignments. Why? Really? Fast movement…

Low light…

Changing conditions…

no second chances…

And no idea where to shoot or what is coming next.

All while trying not to ruin the experience for the paying audience. The best of times, the worst of times. I honestly don’t know if I have anything until I  get home. That makes the solid shots so much more gratifying.

Every one of these shots feels like a huge win. Oh, I actually got a few more than these too and I haven’t been through the whole set yet.


One thought on “Pendulum – Kinetics Dance Theatre 

  1. Bruce I love hearing your perspective of a performance. It makes perfect sense but is also eye-opening. We are the most uncooperative subjects!! Still, your instincts are spot-on and the images are stunning. Such different power than seeing live performance because dance is always moving and changing while the images preserve these fleeting moments with such drama. It is thrilling to see the stillness. Can’t wait to see more!

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