Jen and Adam one year into the rest of their lives


When Jen and Adam were married, Adam had committed to but not entered into the Marines. So, they were unable to have their wedding album full of pictures of Adam in his handsome uniform. Now, a year later, they were back in town and we managed to get an hour together to take those pictures.

I was very honored to be asked to take these for them. I’ve known them both for many years and they are such a pleasant couple to be around.

The image above was processed starting in Lightroom 4 to balance out exposure, then exported into Photoshop CS5 to remove the diffuser. I could have stopped there. However, when time permits, I just love taking it to the next level with OnOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite. I used Focalpoint to separate the couple from the surrounding garden and trees, then I used Perfect Effects to give it a little late day light.